Stronger China-US ties ‘benefit the world’

President Xi was smiling and President Obama seemed content and welcomed everybody. We condemn their aggressive actions, including the building of artificial islands in the South China Sea, but simultaneously cooperate on challenging issues like climate change and counter terrorism. He stated, “That’s what American and Chinese cooperation can deliver”. “I’ve said many times that the Pacific Ocean is big enough for the development of both China and the United States“, he said. “And I’m committed to expanding our cooperation”. According to a July CNN report, the FBI has seen a 53 percent increase in corporate espionage lately, with the “vast majority” of it coming from China.


However, BIT talks have proceeded at a snail’s pace over the past several years. “And so this is another major step towards the global agreement the world needs to reach in two months’ time“. “To return to one’s country and give yourself up is the only way out”.

On Thursday, Beijing announced that Kuang Wanfang, a Chinese national who had been convicted on fraud and money laundering charges in the USA, had been sent back to China. We’ll expand our joint efforts on humanitarian assistance, disaster response, agricultural development and food security. Chinese foreign exchange holdings fell by a record $93.9 billion in August, as the country shed its dollar reserves and bought up its domestic currency to counter downward pressure on the yuan generated after the initial devaluation. Their hope, a closer China-US relationship which will benefit everyone-politically and economically.

President Xi announced that through in-depth discussions, “We have agreed to step up macroeconomic policy coordination and jointly promote global economic growth and financial stability”. “We’ve been through a multi-decade process of building vast currency reserves in China, the world’s largest by far”, Jens Nordvig, managing director of currency research at Nomura Holdings, said at the Atlantic Council event. While the two may have different approaches to global issues, they have exhibited more common interests than differences. We have the right to uphold our own territorial sovereignty and lawful and legitimate maritime rights and interests. He made it clear to the claimants that China’s policy is to resolve disputes through peace.

Cisco CEO John Chambers, Alibaba CEO Jack Massachusetts, and IBM CEO Ginni Rometty share a laugh before meeting China President Xi Jinping.

Ms. Kuang, also known as Wendy, was once a naturalized USA citizen before authorities determined she had lied about her marital status to qualify. President Xi also said, “We reaffirm our commitment to realize the complete and verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in peaceful way”.

The United States is concerned about China’s military build-up (especially in the South China Sea) and cyber security, seeing both as threats to U.S. security. Another person involved in the Kaiping case, Yu Zhendong, was returned to China in 2004 by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation as part of a deal that allowed him to serve his prison sentence in China. Some businesspeople in the United States express dismay about the accord because they believe that it will further skew bilateral trade in favor of China, come at the expense of job creation and harm long-term national interests. There are broad areas that the two sides should and can work together. The state visit should be an opportunity for the president to press the Chinese government on a host of issues that are affecting American businesses and causing concern for our allies in Asia.

A spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said eight people were deported to China on Thursday but didn’t release their names.


For the U.S., China is arguably the most important country in the world because of our economic ties and Chinese dominance in East Asia. A version of it was available on the People’s Daily mobile app in China, but there was little mention of it in Chinese social media, with only a few comments about it on Weibo.

High profile US-China summit takes place amid human rights crackdown by Beijing