Taylor Swift is outpricing some National Football League teams in their own stadiums

Going on to further explain why R8 isn’t ready yet, Rihanna admitted that she and Kanye’s schedules “are totally opposite right now”, but she thinks they will be back in the studio this month.


Academy-award winning actress Julia Roberts says her stage appearance on pop star Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour was not planned.

Taylor shouldn’t be too disheartened by Rihanna’s comments; the Shake it Off singer has previously performed with her “hero” Julia Roberts, Mary J Blige and model friends Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt to name but a few.

Asked if she would appear with Taylor if invited, Rihanna said: “I don’t think I would”.

“Interviewers always ask me how we “get” these people to come to the shows to walk, and the truth is that everyone who has walked the catwalk at one of the shows was already there just to see the show”.

“I have so many songs I love – and they’re so different – that it’s hard to actually put them all on the same album”, RiRi stated. Oh my God, I would have washed my hair if it had been planned.

“I don’t think our brands are the same: I don’t think they match, I don’t think our audiences are the same”, she continued. I’m not ideal . I’m not trying to sell that.

“I want people to have fun but be responsible, protect themselves and be in control of your life”. She wanted more and country fans were not a big enough fan base for her and she needed to expand. Nothing concrete… on a whim, you know how it is. With Kelly. “You have to be conscious of that”.


“I don’t like to use that word because people have their own opinion on what that means to them. I think it really does”.