Teachers In Arkansas To Carry Guns To Class

Instead of coming up with sticker gun laws to prevent untoward incidents from happening in schools, Arkansas has come up with a really unique alternative.  Turns out, teachers of schools in 13 districts of the state will carry with them guns to class from now on. The authorities believe that this measure was necessary for the safety of students. The argument presented is that shootings in schools all over the country can’t be allowed to continue and this new directive would ensure that it stops for good.


Many might ask as to what will happen if one of these teachers carrying guns were to lose it and go on a shooting spree. This new directive will be valid for two years and one can only hope that the actual purpose of the exercise would be served and it wouldn’t give rise to some other complication. Dustin McDaniel the state’s chief attorney isn’t very happy with this new directive and feels, arming teachers in this manner is completely illegal. Well, for a change teachers wouldn’t have the complaint that students of today don’t give their teachers the respect they deserve.

Other states like Ohio, Texas and Utah have gone a step further and in schools in there, teachers are given special training on how to handle firearms. It has also been decided in many parts of the US that armed guards would be posted in schools. It might baffle many especially outside the US, when they hear all this because for an onlooker the simple solution might be for the US government to take away all guns from its citizens. After that, gun licenses and permits should be only given to those who truly need it for their protection and that too in really rare cases.


Thankfully, this decision that teachers should be armed is something that hasn’t been unanimously accepted by everyone in the US. This matter is still open for debate and one can only hope that in the end commonsense will prevail. Of course, there are many who are all for it and believe that many of the massacres in schools around the country could have been prevented if the teachers were armed. Others argue that besides it being really unsafe to arm teachers, it would also distract them from their primary duties. What do you think is the right way to go? Leave us your comments.