Tech: Windows 10 won’t be available to everyone on launch day

Since Windows 10 will be optimized for a number of devices, a new feature called Continuum will detect what type of device you are using.


According to a blog post, Microsoft will be rolling out their Windows 10 update in phases.

Microsoft has also updated the Photos app and the Snipping Tool, while specific bug fixes were released for Windows 10 on Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 tablets.

On July 29, meanwhile, Windows Insiders will have first dibs on Windows 10, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson, executive vice president of operating systems, said in a blog post. The group, that consists of as many as five million testers around the globe has been testing Windows 10 (preview build) for the past several months, helping in making the new OS what it is today. After that we start we will notify protected systems in the waves, slowly expanding since the 29th of July. In case the system is not ready to upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft will provide details to the user about the upgrade experience.

Looking forward to Windows 10 when it “launches” on July 29th?

Microsoft will transfer the assembly of the operating system Windows 10 to its OEM partners soon. As shown by Microsoft’s Windows 10 version comparison website, all four have the same “core experiences”. These companies will also assist customers, as they install Windows 10 and its subsequent options. And Microsoft did indicate that there will be a path for power users to grab Windows 10 manually on or after July 29, though no specifics on how that might work were provided.

However, most people will be able to upgrade anyway, though they made need to download extra software from the Windows Store afterward to get the “full experience”. There’s also the fact that this is Microsoft’s final Windows release as it attempts to reposition the operating system as a service.


Okay, so when does an average Joe will get to purchase Windows 10. Now Windows 10 will boot right to the desktop and allow you to stay there. Now that July 29th is fast approaching, the company is providing more details about what makes one version of Windows 10 different from another.

Not everyone will get Windows 10 on July 29