‘The highest level of special’: Trump praises US-UK relationship

Trump, whose mother was from Scotland, is expected to stay at his luxury golf resort at Turnberry.


David Mundell has said he is looking forward to welcoming Donald Trump to Scotland on Friday as SNP ministers faced demands to ban the US President from using an airport they bought.

President Donald Trump is running an “informercial” for his struggling Trump Turnberry golf resort in Scotland, The New York Times reported Saturday.

The American couple later on Friday watched a military ceremony and took tea with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle. “If they don’t make the right deal, she might very well do what I suggested”. But one man wearing a Turnberry fleece briefly interrupted the news conference by tossing a box of golf balls emblazoned with the Nazi logo.

“I was opening Turnberry the day before Brexit”. “I don’t know what they’re going to do but whatever you do is ok with me, that’s your decision”, he continued.

Trump moved calmly inside as the parachute approached, surrounded by his security detail. “They are my people”, he said.

In Edinburgh, a police helicopter nearly drowned out the chants of the protesters, who plan to launch into the sky the giant “Baby Donald” balloon – depicting the president as an angry orange baby.

In a column for the Guardian on July 12, Owen Jones, who is part of the coalition, noted that “some of the establishment opposition has focused on Trump’s vulgarity, his manners, that he is somehow unpresidential, rather than his political substance and what he represents”, and emphasised the importance of protesting against Trump’s actions and policies. “We are not anti-American, just against Trump and his divisive regime”.

“As he said in his interview with the Sun she “is a very good person” and he ‘never said anything bad about her.’ He thought she was great on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation today and is a really terrific person”, Sanders wrote.

He added: “He might not like the current president, but I represent the United States”.

Almost 2 million Brits have signed on to a petition demanding that Trump not be honored with a state visit and someone may have been listening.

“The relationship is further back than it was a few days ago”, Dr. Jacob Parakilas, deputy head of the US and Americas program at London-based think-tank Chatham House, told Xinhua in an exclusive interview on Friday.

The charges shine an even greater spotlight on Trump’s treatment of Putin, who has repeatedly denied Russian Federation sought to intervene or skew the US election that Trump, a Republican, unexpectedly won.

The Queen, the president and first lady Melania Trump all shook hands.

“Why didn’t the Federal Bureau of Investigation take possession of it?”

Trump also sat in Churchill’s chair at Chequers, according to a photo that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders shared on Twitter. When one of the interviewers from The Sun, who was at the press conference, told him the positive comments were there in the report, Trump noted “it was not in the headline”.

The president also indicated he did not expect much progress on the issue.

But well away from the noisy demonstrations, Mr Trump and Mrs May took questions from reporters.


He added that his former boss offered the PM some of the suggestions contained in his book The Art of the Deal, which states: “Overshoot your target, be tough and get on with it”.

A six-meter high cartoon baby blimp of U.S. President Donald Trump is flown as a protest against his visit in Parliament Square in London England F