The iPad 5 Is Slated To Be Like A Handheld Smartphone

Here is a piece of news that might surprise many iPad aficionados. Turns out, the iPad 5 will be more like a Phablet than a Tablet. Nowadays, the trend is of this new breed of mobile devices called the phablet, which is neither big enough to be a tablet and nor is it small enough to be a phone. The iPad 5 is seen in a video on YouTube, which is where it was revealed that you would be able to hold it with one hand. In many ways the device resembles the iPad Mini.


Another similarity between the iPad 5 and the Mini seems to be the Apple logo. The Mini has a shiny silver logo of Apple and this new iteration of the iPad will also sport a similar logo. The previous version of the iPad had a black logo, but Apple probably felt that silver looks cooler.  Interestingly, even the speaker grilles of the Mini and this new iPad look to be the same. Apple hasn’t officially unveiled the iPad 5 yet and surely isn’t happy that a video of it has been already leaked.

The iPad 5 is noticeably slimmer than its previous version and Apple has supposedly achieved this by reducing the size of its backlight. Paul Semenza, analyst at NPD DisplaySearch said the following about this forthcoming device: “It’s likely that part of the thinner/lighter design will be reducing the size of the LED backlight, partly by making the display more efficient and partly by using more efficient LEDs.” Moe efficient LEDs would most certainly mean a much better and brighter display. The device is also going to be thinner and lighter because the battery it would be packed with would be much smaller and thinner than the iPad 4.

Overall, the iPad 5 is expected to be a whopping 33% lighter that its predecessor and that would make carrying around this device a breeze. Despite being thinner and lighter, the device is expected to retain its 9.7-inch display just like the previous version. A French tech site even leaked the exact dimensions of the device, claiming the iPad 5 would measure around 232mm in length and 178.5mm in width against the 241.3mm length and 185.8mm width of the iPad 4. The device is expected to go on sale sometime in October.