The Much Awaited iOS has Arrived

Amidst all the discontent that had been brewing since 2007, Apple has finally introduced its all new operating system for the iPhones, the iOS7. The new iOS has been fully revamped but it will work with iphone5 and newer models of iPad keeping out iPhone 4 and 4S from this experience. Unveiling the iOS7, software VP Craig Fedrighi said that the operating system is much cleaner than the earlier ones and it aims to enhance the user experience to an all new level.



Flat and simple design that is very efficient

The design of the new operating system is sleek and elegant and it is packed with many new features that have theiOS potential to make new iPhones feel like almost a new experience even for the existing iPhone owners. The new iOS is being described as the most significant update on iOS since the first iPhone was launched. This new iOS will be available to the users starting this fall. The user will experience a 3D effect when he moves the device up and down or sideways with a single swipe of his fingers across the screen making available many controls to the user. This control center is a whole new experience for the owners of iPhones.


Fit for multitasking

The new iOS has been designed for multitasking. This means that it is designed to make it smooth sailing for the user even if he makes use of many apps inside his phone. This is because the operating system forces apps that you use only sparingly behind and allows only those apps that you use frequently to remain in action. This is also great for the battery life as the phone is able to conserve much of the battery. Even the hidden apps are running in the background to make a case for multitasking.

The new iOS makes use of live photo filters and there are 4 different camera modes to choose from. This is a delight for all those who make use of camera to click on photos. The user has the ability to switch between camera modes by a simple swipe across the screen. Also, iOS7 gives user the liberty to share photos with friends on different social networking platforms instantly. This is called AirDrop as two iOS users can share photos and videos by making use of Wi-Fi or just Bluetooth.ios-family-2013


Searching on Safari made easy

The new operating system has something for the web browser safari also. It gives suggestions as you type so as to make it easier for you to get to your favorite URL’s and bookmarks. This simply means a one touch access to your bookmarks.

New operating system has also revamped the much talked about voice assistant system SIRI. You can now choose between a female and a male voice to be your assistant and give voice commands for searches and other tasks. This OS has added many new capabilities to SIRI making it a very pleasing experience for the users.