The Sonar Streak may be the Wreckage of Earhart’s Plane

The mystery surrounding the sudden disappearance of the Lockheed plane of brave heart aviator Amelia Earhart in 1937 over Pacific Ocean continues to rivet millions as it has for the past 76 years. But the recent footage made online by a team of researchers that has been looking into causes of her disappearance when she had embarked on a mission to trot the globe along the equator along with her navigator raises hopes that finally the world may get behind the truth and know what exactly happened to Amelia and Fred Noonan on that fateful day in 1937.


Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan, her navigator, in front of their twin-engine Lockheed Electra in MayAmelia and Fred started on their mission to circumnavigate the earth following the route of the equator. They started aboard a Lockheed plane on July 12 1937 from Papua New Guinea but vanished on the same day and no one knows what happened to the duo since then. Many expeditions have been launched to find out her whereabouts since that fateful day 76 years ago but no one has got a clue as to what exactly happened on the day she vanished never to return. Many theories have been doing rounds such as Japanese striking down the plane of Amelia, American Government giving a new identity to Amelia for the rest of her life, and so on.

However, the recent sonar pictures released by The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery raise hope that scientists may not be far off from unearthing the wreckage of the Lockheed Electra plane that Amelia was flying on that fateful day. The images have been taken from above Nikumaroro, an island 800 miles southwest of Honolulu, appear to be that of a man-made debris that could the remnants of the plane that Amelia and Fred were flying in. The research team says that the image is of something that is just the right size and just the right shape, and of course the debris is lying in an area that seems to be close to the area from Amelia and her plane vanished. Researchers are excited that they may have found the fuselage or the wing of the plane Amelia was flying but they are not discarding other possibilities. They say that it could be a part of a boat or a ship that may have nothing to do with Amelia plane wreckage.


Many theories have been doing the rounds

Previous attempts to find about the whereabouts of Amelia have suggested that Amelia may have perished trying toAmela Earhart's Plane survive on an island under very harsh conditions. Earlier search teams have collected items such as anti-freckle crème that was popular in 1930’s, a zipper that was also made during the same decade, a pocket knife that is similar to what Amelia carried in her pocket, and bones of birds and fish that suggest that the duo tried hard to survive somehow on the island.


However, the truth will come out only after the wreckage is confirmed to be the remnants of the plane Amelia was flying.