Things Jim Webb Looked Like During The Democratic Debate

Still, it was Sanders who gave Clinton the biggest break and boost of the evening when he rubbished the email controversy that has rocked her campaign, although the former secretary of state attacked his dodgy record on issues such as gun control.


While many media outlets and political shapers awarded the victory to the former first lady, Sanders’ performance at Tuesday night’s debate drew large praise and attention from viewers and social media users. Hayden said Sanders’ statement illustrated a key difference between the Republican and Democratic candidates.

At the first Democratic debate on Tuesday night, Clinton previewed how she will likely go after the committee during her testimony, telling the audience that the committee is “basically an arm of the Republican National Committee”.

She may have dampened calls for Biden to make a belated entrance into the race, while also blunting the threat from insurgent candidate, Bernie Sanders, a 74-year-old senator from Vermont and self-described democratic socialist. “It’s kind of hard to say who’s winning and who’s not”, says Sarah Babski of Holyoke. The sooner the candidates get their facts straight and settle on one side or the other of the most pressing issues facing the country, the sooner we can actually debate those issues.

He’s still given no indication of his motives. “No”, she said. “Not at all”.

While Clinton reigns on top of the polls, which is seen by many as a compliment to the two terms she has been elected as senator of New York, Sanders followed close behind, giving him a fair chance of getting a good shot at the top spot.

“The American people are sick and exhausted of hearing about your damn e-mails”, said Sanders.

And that brings us to former secretary of state Clinton.

“It hasn’t been this bad since the 1920s”, she insisted, then added, “The economy does better when you have a Democrat in the White House”. The debate included discussions about climate change and renewable energy, university affordability, prescription drugs, terrorism and civil liberties, and the most serious threats to United States security in a world awash in conflicts.

TRUMP: I think that’s very possible. When asked how her administration would differ from President Barack Obama’s, she said with a smile, “Being the first woman president would be quite a change”. Because by voting for someone who shares your gender or race, you not only choose someone who shares your views to be in office but you also choose a part of yourself to be in office.


For almost two hours the 5 Democratic candidates spoke passionately about a spectrum of weighty concerns –Wall Street, Syrian rebels, the cost of college education, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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