Tillerson denies wanting to resign as secretary of state

In testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, Defence Secretary James Mattis cautiously defended Tillerson, saying he “fully supported” the secretary of state’s “efforts to find a diplomatic solution but remains focussed on the defence of the United States and our allies”.


As for the reports that Tillerson actually called Trump an “f-ing* moron”, per one broadcast report, Noah couldn’t help but flash a playful grin.

Tillerson’s public remarks came after months of disagreements between Tillerson and the White House over personnel and administrative matters at the State Department and a disconnect over what Trump saw as Tillerson’s conventional approach to policy matters.

The report didn’t necessarily go on to state why they had formed this suicide pact, but presumably it’s so that they all have a little bit more power within the administration, and so the president knows that I can’t get rid of one of them without losing all three.

President Trump took aim at the “fake news” media Wednesday morning in a string of tweets.

An erstwhile chief executive of Exxon Mobil, Mr. Tillerson has never procured his place as a sub ordinate to the impenetrable and arbitrary President.

After watching Tillerson deny reports that he considered leaving the post, Colbert rebutted, “Considered leaving this post? No”.

Minutes before Mr Tillerson spoke, Mr Trump seemed to give Mr Tillerson his backing.

On Oct. 4, roughly 12 current and former Trump administration officials who requested anonymity disclosed that Tillerson was frustrated by Trump and had threatened to resign in July.

Do President Trump’s Cabinet members have to call him “Dear Leader” when graced by his august presence?

During an impromptu press briefing on Wednesday, Tillerson denied recent reports that he had ever considered leaving the administration and that Pence had urged him to remain.

Meyers, meanwhile, quipped about White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, stating that Trump still has “confidence” in Tillerson despite reports. Bannon, the Trumpiest person who has worked in the administration – and the most likely source of the leak snitching on Tillerson – once referred to Trump as a “blunt instrument” for his movement.

Corker has ramped up his criticism of Trump since he announced his retirement from the Senate in 2018 last week. I serve at the appointment of the President and I am here for as long as the President feels I can be useful to achieving his objectives.

After he refused to deny the charge himself, Tillerson sent a spokesperson out to deny the charge on his behalf: “The secretary does not use that type of language”. As you’ve heard us say many times, the JCPOA represents only a small part of the many issues that we need to deal with when it comes to the Iranian relationship. “This is what I don’t understand about Washington”.


IT IS not unheard of for secretaries of state to chafe over their relations with their boss.

Rex Tillerson'There's never been a consideration in my mind to leave