Tom Brady Injury: Knee Nearly Perfect

Tom BradyPatriot fans can rest easy with the knowledge that Tom Brady is recovering nicely after he went down during practice this past week. The well-known quarterback is recovering nicely from the injury as it showed on Friday’s preseason game against the Buccaneers. During the game, he showed that his knee was no concern as he passed the ball to Danny Amendola with no hesitations.


Many people were concerned on whether they were going to have to scratch the team off of their Fantasy Football lists, but in the game, Brady completed 11 out of the 12 passes and managed to accumulate 107 yards in passing. He even was able to get one in for a touchdown as well. In the game, a knee brace supported the quarterback, but that is only for the precaution so that he won’t injure it further.

The injury is only one thing that fans of the Patriots are scared of. As for Amedola, he was one of those players people refused to put on their Fantasy Picks, but now with him getting the passes thrown to him, many are having second thoughts. However, this is only a preseason game and they don’t count for anything. Amedola may have performed well in this game, but that doesn’t mean that he will be able to keep up the momentum. As for Brady, his knee injury doesn’t seem Tom_Brady_Stats_Tim_Tebow_LOL_Danny_Amendolato be bothering him so much and it only means that he is going to continue to recover. The Patriots won the game against the Buccaneers.

Regardless of picks, Brady is going to need to be bumped up on the Fantasy Picks because you never know how an angry player is going to play until you see them in action. For the game against the Buccaneers, Brady looked really upset and performed at his best despite the knee brace. However, Patriot fans are going to keep their distance and see how things play out. Normally when a player is injured, you never want to gamble on them for too long.

In the game there were plenty of high moments for New England and the football season hasn’t even started yet. The touchdown pass to Sudfeld was one of the best highlights. Is this a precursor of how the Patriots are going to be playing this year or is it a fluke? Either way you look at things, this could mean a lot of the New England team.


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