Top 10 Cricketers of the Modern Era

It is a very difficult task to choose the best cricketers in a sport that has many dimensions and has thrown up so many talented cricketers form around the world who have all mesmerized the spectators with their brilliant performances on the field. The task becomes all the more difficult with passions of the fans involved in support of great players from their own countries. However, here is a list of top 10 cricketers of the modern era that is subjective and based upon not just the statistics but also the value of the player towards his teams performance.



Sachin Tendulkar

The very name of SRT spells success, talent, brilliance, perseverance, patience, and above all humility. Despite being theSachin Tendulkar highest run scorer in the history of the game with most centuries and an outstanding record against all international teams, Sachin happens to be the brand ambassador of the game of cricket. He is arguably the best cricketer ever after Sir Donald Bradman of Australia.


Brian Charles Lara

Yes, West Indies have thrown up brilliant cricketers from time to time but the finesse and the aggression that this left hander brought to the game of cricket is unparallel in the history of the game. His name was enough to send trmors among opposition bowlers when he was at a peak of his game. He holds the records for highest runs in an innings in test cricket as well as first class cricket.


Shane Warne

He is the best leg spinner in the game of cricket till date and arguably the magician with a ball in his hands. He could bowl batsmen round their legs at will and held the record for most international wickets till overtaken by Sri Lanka’s Murlidharan. Warnie played a big role in the success of the invincible Aussies for more than a decade in the first decade of 21stcentury.


Muttia Murlidharan

No one can forget the sparkle in the eyes of this dark and diminutive off spinner from Sri Lanka who could turn the cricket ball square on any pitch. He could destroy the best batting line ups in the world on his day and troubled the best batsmen of the world till he retired after taking a staggering 800 international test wickets.


Wasim Akram

He is arguably the best left hand fast bowler in the history of the game. Despite being very fast, he could swing the ball at will to get the wickets in any conditions and on any pitch around the world. He was called in whenever his captains looked for a wicket or to break a partnership and he rarely disappointed.


M S Dhoni

He may not be the best wicket keeper in the world but he qualifies to be in the list as the best captain. He is also one of the best batsmen in ODI cricket.GlennMcGrath


Adam Gilchrist

He is the most attacking wicketkeeper batsmen of all times.


Glen McGrath

He is the best opening bowler having great control over length and movement of the ball


Rahul Dravid

He is perhaps the best defensive batsmen of all times.


Jaques Kallis

He is the best all rounder that the game of cricket has ever produced