Top 10 Life hacks that Will Make Life easier for you

There are tasks in life that you do often but you either take a lot of time or mess things up because of your clumsy approach. This article contains many life hacks that are easy to learn and designed to make life easier for you, whether you are in the kitchen or on the beach enjoining the weekend.



  1. Use clips to keep your leftover chips or wafers crispy

Are you disappointed to find your chips or wafers not crispy that you left inside the large pack uneaten as you wereChilled Bear feeling full last night? Then try this simple life hack. Just roll down the wrapper till the level of the left chips and place a clip to prevent air from coming in contact with the chips.


  1. Love strawberry but not its shaft?

Use a straw to thrust out the shaft of the strawberry to enjoy the fruity the manner you want to.


  1. Confused when trying to open the apartment from outside because of similar keys?

Use your nail polish to color the head of the keys in different colors to easily pick the right one when opening a lock.


  1. Want chilled beer in short time?

Wrap a wet paper towel around the bottle and place it inside the freezer to get ice chilled beer in just 15-20 minutes.


  1. Dread hammering down nails in walls?

Do you have a fear of hitting the hammer on your fingers when driving nails inside walls? Then try holding the nail in place with the help of a clip to remove your fear and drive the nail at just the right position.


  1. Hate the dropped paint on the sides of the jar while painting?

Place a rubber band at the top of the can of paint that you are using  and use it to wipe away excess paint to keep the paint inside the can rather than along the sides. This means you can place the lid easily over the can after you are done with the painting job.


  1. Forget who you lent your book or any other object to?

If you face this common problem, just click your friend with the item he is borrowing using the cameras of your phone to easily remember if he or she does not return the item.


  1. Do not have the time to iron the collars of your shirt?

If you are in a hurry and cannot wait till the iron heat up, just use your hair straightener to iron out your crumpled shirt collar.Ironing Collars of Your Shirt


  1. Place your clothes vertically to see all of them at once

If you miss out on your favorite T-shirt as you do not see it when you have stacked them all inside the wardrobe, try stacking them vertically to see all the colors and designs easily.


  1. Hate dripping icepacks?

Freeze a sponge inside your refrigerator after keeping it inside a plastic bag so that it does not drip even when ice melts.