Top 10 Smartphones to buy in 2013

There was a time when Apple ruled the roost as far as smartphone market was concerned. Every smartphone aspirant dreamt about owning an Apple iPhone as it beat the competition by miles and also helped owners to flaunt it as a status symbol. But the situation has changed completely with Korean giant Samsung catching up with Apple and even other market players like Sony, Blackberry, HTC etc coming up with great smartphones having latest features and specifications. Here is a list of top 10 smartphones of the year though it is only just past the first quarter.



iPhone 5

Apple has tried to live up to the legacy of its earlier iPhone 4S by producing a smartphone that is second to none when itApple iPhone 5 comes to designing and functionality. His smartphone is fitted with iOS6 and has a 4 inch screen that produces a resolution of 1280X720pixels. It is still a single camera device with a high quality 8MP camera that can create videos in HD. The phone is available in 3 different versions of 16/32/64GB memory storage.


Samsung Galaxy S4

This is the latest offering from Samsung that is packed with features even surpassing those of Apple’s iPhone 5. It has a 5 inch screen and a 13 MP camera that is unheard of in smartphones. It also has a 2 MP camera in front. It has a fast dual core processor and a 2GB RAM.


Blackberry Q10

When it comes to emailing features, there is no smartphone to beat a Blackberry, and Blackberry Q10 lives up to this reputation. Q 10 has a smaller screen but retains the QWERTY keypad. It is a dual camera device with a dual core processor.


Sony Experia Z

While Sony was lying low for quite some time, it has hogged the limelight with its new smartphones lately, particularly Experia Z. it has a design that makes it waterproof, a feature that is likely to appeal youngsters. It has a huge 5 inch screen and a 13 MP camera.Sony Xperia Z



Many think of HTC as a B grade company but its smartphones are very high quality with HTC One having some very attractive features and designing. This is an Android based smartphone with great audio and video quality. It has a huge 4.7 inch screen and a 4 MP camera with a quad core processor.


Google Nexus 4

This is a great smartphone from Google that runs on latest Android OS. The phone boasts of a super fast processor with a large screen and a high quality camera that makes videos in HD.


Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia may be struggling on the whole but this smartphone operating on Microsoft’s Windows OS is a really special smartphone. It is slightly heavy at 185g but it also has a 4.7 inch screen. It has a 8.7MP camera and good storage capacity at 32 GB.


The last three slots in this list of top 10 smartphones of the year are occupied by iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy SIII, and LG Optimus respectively.

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  1. Vergel Carmona

    The author might forgot to include LGE975 which beats many of the above list. It has a quadcore processor, 32GB memory, 2GB RAM, 13megapixel main camera and 1.3MP front cam, LTE and empressive battery life.

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