Trial is over: Here’s how to cancel your Apple Music subscription

Apple, whose iTunes revolutionised how disparate parts of the world buy music, designed its streaming music service with an eye to being the first truly global radio station.


Apple users who until now had the possibility to enjoy using this new service for free will no longer be able to access it without paying a subscription fee.

That’s because when you signed up for the Apple Music free trial you also opted in to be billed automatically, and Apple isn’t planning to ask you twice.

When a user signed up to the service 12 weeks ago, auto-renewal would have been selected and therefore will start charging when the trial expires unless you actively decide to halt your service at the end of the trial period. Apple TV is set to get the service in coming months, while an Android app is also in working, as confirmed by the company.

Apple has just sold a record 13 million iPhone units last weekend and China has been reported to account for 2 million units in sales.

So, I didn’t expect to become an Apple Music subscriber.

With Apple Music, you can play song in the albums or download it for offline listening.

Apple’s recently-launched Spotify competitor Apple Music is now expected to deliver way below initial projections, according to a pair of sources close to the numbers.

Among the changes Apple has made to the mobile operating system is a new setting that makes the device always stream music at the highest quality level, even when the music is being streamed via cellular data signals (as opposed to “free” wi-fi signals). However, an analyst said that Apple Music faces a tough audience in the country.

Moreover, the user does not need to acquire music permanently. “In fact, labels are pushing the streaming companies to go globally”.

“I thought the ads and the marketing have been very clever”, said Azoff, the veteran executive who manages the Eagles. The tactic has resulted in fast growth for Spotify, which is valued at more than $8 billion.

Consumers have shown a willingness to shell out for streaming services.

The service has faced criticism from a few users over its complicated interface and the way it handles music files.

He said App Store in China has become the largest market in the world for app downloads, but he did not give specific figures.


“Canadians are good early adopters”, said MacFarlane.

Apple debuts Apple Music, iBooks and Movies to China market