Trump, Cruz to share in rally against arrangement on Iran

Factoring in the existing team announced in mid-May, Cruz’s leaders in New Hampshire number 107, representing a diverse group, “that old Reagan coalition”, he said, which comes “from multiple ideological spectrums, multiple backgrounds”.


U. S. Senator Ted Cruz on Monday blamed President Obama and his senior officials for the execution-style murder of a sheriff’s deputy in Houston.

The Cruz camp is confident that Trump’s candidacy will have a natural arc, that eventually political gravity will pull his numbers down, and that when it happens, Cruz will be ideally positioned to absorb his current supporters.

GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have announced they will headline a Capitol Hill rally against President Obama’s proposed nuclear weapons deal with Iran. We’ll be right back in a moment.

With the deal so indefensible, he said, “They don’t want to debate the substance….” Trump undaunted as well as stimulated by the response, told the New York Times that Bush was a “low-vitality individual” – an expression he’s rehashed a few times, realizing that it changes the more youthful Bush sibling – and took to Twitter to deride him for once in a while utilizing his last name. But do you have the record? What is even more disturbing to me is the question of whether he is really a Republican, even though he claims most issues that are dear to the Republican faithful. While Donald Trump has been enthusiastically attacking other candidates in the GOP field, he and Cruz have been getting downright chummy. He’ll hold a town hall event this morning in Milford, followed by a lunchtime business roundtable in Concord and the opening of his state campaign office in Manchester in the afternoon.

The Texas US Senator is on the second day of his latest visit to the state. Bob Smith, state Rep. and former New Hampshire House speaker Bill O’Brien and Executive Councilor David Wheeler.


Cruz laughed off crusty House Speaker John Boehner’s labeling of him last week as “that jackass” during a fundraiser in Colorado. He said his target is breaking up the “Washington cartel”, career politicians of both parties “who get in bed with lobbyists and career special interests to grow and grow and grow government”. One or more Cruz donors came from 55 percent of the ZIP codes across the country, he said.

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