Trump’s Best Moments from GOP Debate

Trump had been scheduled to give the keynote address on Saturday night at the RedState gathering in Atlanta, where several other members of the 17-person Republican field were appearing.


Currently, that controversy has manifested in the form of the next great Donald Trump feud-namely, the bone Trump has to pick with Fox anchor Megyn Kelly, who directed a few questions at Trump that Trump says were unfair, and showed awful bias.

On Friday morning RedState host Erick Erickson took the stage to explain his decision, saying he didn’t want his daughter to be in the same room with Trump. “Only a deviant would think anything else”, Trump’s campaign said.

Kelly emphasized that his comments go well beyond O’Donnell.

The exchange set the tone for the night for Trump, and he never really seemed to recover. However, as someone who never appreciated Trump’s charms in the first place, I’m not sure I’m a good judge of where that line might be.

By the way, the guy (Erick Erickson) who made the decision about RedState called Supreme Court Justice David Souter a “goat [expletive] child molester” and First Lady Michelle Obama a “Marxist Harpy”. “I got you the highest debate ratings in your history & you say nothing but bad”, Mr Trump tweeted to his 3.5 million followers.

In a follow-up statement Saturday morning, Trump’s camp intensified the personal attack against Erickson, slammed Kelly again and contended that the candidate’s precise words on CNN were “blood was coming out of her eyes and whatever”.

He chided those who latched on to the remark for being too politically correct. “This is a woman who doesn’t have the track record of managing a large organization and now she’s running for President of the United States?”

A major US conservative forum has dropped Donald Trump as a speaker, saying it was unacceptable for him to suggest that a journalist was tough on him because she was menstruating.

“Amusing to watch”, Trump tweeted. And he said something about the Republican establishment that might surprise many, especially his loyal fans and supporters.

Bush, the former Florida governor, complained that the debate didn’t get into substance and marveled at all the public attention it drew.


“We beat Sharknado”, Rubio said. “Maybe it will help us make up our minds in a primary like this”. “I’ve been challenged by so many people, and I frankly don’t have time for total political correctness, and to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time either”.

Megyn Kelly and Brett Baier two of the interviewers on the the first official Republican presidential candidates debate last week