Trump to pick Alexander Acosta as new nominee for labor secretary

As a former member of the National Labor Relations Board and previous assistant attorney general at the Justice Department’s civil rights division under President George W. Bush, he’s had some experience in the labor sector.


Andrew Puzder, President Donald Trump’s nominee for Labor secretary, is apparently backing out of the confirmation process.

Donald Trump suffered the ultimate humiliation as his Labor Secretary nominee was forced to withdraw his name from consideration after he lacked enough votes for confirmation in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Though he faced bipartisan opposition, it seems that questions about his personal life pushed the CEO of CKE Restaurants, which includes fast-food chains Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., to withdraw.

One senator, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Associated Press that six Republican senators asked the White House to call off the hearing because they couldn’t see themselves voting for him.

The Independent notes that he would have needed 50 out of the 52 Republicans in the Senate to vote for him, but some Republicans do not stand on his side. He would be the first Hispanic nominee for Trump’s cabinet.

Trump’s nomination of Acosta, a Republican and believer in conservative causes, split allies of Democrats.

Puzder’s statement comes after continued scrutiny over several controversies, including his admission that he and his wife had employed an undocumented immigrant for housework and his messy public divorce from three decades ago.

Puzder’s hearing had been postponed for some weeks as he had taken so long to provide the required paperwork.

Pudzer’s withdrawal follows the resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn on Monday, after it was discovered he lied about communicating with Russian officials. “It’s permanent”, she said.


The news of Puzder’s withdrawal comes amid reports that a number of Republicans meant to vote against him.

President Trump announces Alexander Acosta Secretary of Labor pick