UN move for resolution to end Israeli-Palestinian violence

Below are excerpts of his speech followed by facts disproving them provided by the Palestinian government in a statement released yesterday.


The fear and anger on the streets of Israel show no sign of abating.

Channel 2 TV reported that an Israeli auto was pelted with rocks prompting the passengers to get out of the vehicle and a Palestinian auto drove then into them.

“Israel’s failure to protect the occupied Palestinian population entails its worldwide [legal] responsibility for wrongful acts”, Mona Sabella, legal research and advocacy coordinator for Al-Haq, said, adding that settlers are rarely held accountable for attacks on Palestinians, including children. But jihadist groups continue to fire rockets at Israel. Israeli media said the Palestinian stabbed the soldier in the neck.

Since October 1, Israeli army and police have killed at least 52 Palestinians – among them alleged attackers, unarmed protesters and bystanders – while a series of Palestinian attacks have left eight Israelis dead.

Mansour was responding to comments made last week by Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon.

Fact: Israel, the occupying power, is not a victim in this situation.

After 13-year-old Abdel Rahman Abdullah was fatally shot during a demonstration in Bethlehem on October 5, the Israeli military published a statement claiming that the killing was “unintentional” and that soldiers were aiming at a nearby adult.

Israeli forces have used tear gas, stun grenades, rubber-coated bullets and live ammunition against demonstrators, including children.

Such periodic bouts of violence “leave deep psychological scars” on Palestinian children, Federica D’Alessandra, a policy fellow at Harvard University’s Carr Centre for Human Rights, said. This incessant oppression leaves little hope for a peaceful and stable future, deepens despair and encourages the oppressed to resist injustice.

The draft French text would have condemned the violence and called for maintaining the status quo at the Al-Aqsa mosque in east Jerusalem, where clashes last month sparked the latest turmoil.

Israeli Ambassador Roet: “It is inflammatory rhetoric and lies lit the fuse, and incitement that keeps feeding the flames.”

Rycroft said Ban “thought there was a very wide gap” between the two sides “both on the short term, on how to deescalate, and on the longer term to go back to a genuine political process leading to a two-state solution”.

“We will not provide immunity to any rioter, inciter, or terrorist, not anywhere and under no conditions”.

“I have spoken out against them many times and if it is about doing everything possible right now to calm the situation, then I think all sides need to make a contribution”, she said at a joint press conference Wednesday evening in Berlin.

Over the past month, 10 Israelis have been killed in a wave of Palestinian attacks, mostly stabbings, while 46 Palestinians – including 25 identified by Israel as attackers – have been killed. President Abbas recently stated: “I support a popular, nonviolent struggle and oppose all violence and use of weapons”. This includes the burning of teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir, the arson attack of the Dawabsheh family home, and the mounting executions of Palestinian civilians, including children and youths by the IOF with live fire.


Israeli Ambassador Roet: “Prime Minister Netanyahu stood here in the United Nations and declared that he is ready for direct negotiations with the Palestinians without any preconditions”. “There is not and there will be no Palestinian state”. Israel says the violence is the result of Palestinian incitement.

UN move for resolution to end Israeli-Palestinian violence