Using Celebrities To Increase Your Products’ Demand

The corporate world of business has entirely turned to celebrities in their quest to appeal to the public and expand on their sales margin. Celebrities have influential magic and the hordes that fall for their spell, just can’t resist anything that they lay their hands on. Try to form a mental picture of the corporate world without celebrities. How many business would still be operational? How many big companies would still retain the same influence that they are currently holding on the masses? It is beyond reasonable doubt, that the corporate world of business cannot stand on its feet without the leverage of celebrities. For that reason, how can business owners make good use of celebrities to increase the demand for their business products?


A celebrity endorsement of your product in music videos or movies

Celebrities have a lot to offer when they choose to endorse your product. The most ideal celebrities for this purpose include music artists, movie actors and both radio and TV presenters. Once they get to approve of your product, then be best assured that the demand will automatically be on the roof. Music celebrities’ videos are normally watched by myriads of fans in different parts of the world and all you have to do is to sponsor a music video and you are set to go. The quality of the products should also match the wave generated to make it even more appealing and long-lasting, as celebrities have no power to retain customers that have been offered poor quality products.

Social media endorsement

Get a celebrity to tweet or update about your product in the social media, as that might be the key to hitting your target numbers of customers. This is an ideal business idea for small business owners that can’t afford to come into a contract with the expensive celebrities. Celebrities fan pages and groups gives a good platform to meet rife potential customers that you can bank on. By letting the celebrity make a positive review of your product in social media, then you stand a better chance of recording a thousand and one new customers within a shorter period of time.

A celebrity drop or appearance on your products’ advert

This is the most commonly used method in celebrity marketing strategy. You must have probably seen many adverts featuring different celebrities to market their products to different classes of people. This, however, has to occur after a careful analysis of the different celebrities in question as different types of celebrities only appeal to a certain limited number. If your product cuts across all ages and class, then you may have to get a universal celebrity and sports celebrities like athletes are more ideal for this purpose.

Sponsoring an event or a local program

By sponsoring an event or a local program, then you stand a chance of advertising your product to the masses that will be attending the function, or all viewers and listeners of that particular program that you are sponsoring. The event organizers will also be crediting your business as one of the sponsors and you are more far-fetched to get featured alongside big and well reputed companies.

With all those tips at your disposal, make good use of a local celebrity around you and watch your products’ demand grow.


This article was written by William Hydesman. He has worked as editor of various celebrity magazines and currently blogs about African celebrities on Answers Africa