Vegetarian Gives Birth To Triplets After She Starts Eating Meat

Now here is some information that might get all vegans and vegetarians out there, thinking. A vegetarian woman from the UK was for a long period of time unable to give birth as each time she was pregnant she would for some reason or the other suffer a miscarriage or some other medical complication. In the end she decided to opt for IVF. The doctors were still sceptical as even with IVF there are chances of a miscarriage.


The doctors then concluded that the lack of iron in the woman’s body coupled with the lack of Vitamin B12 is what might be the root cause of the issue. As you must already be aware, Vitamin B12 is primarily found in meats and poultry and non-vegetarian food is also rich in iron. Hence, the woman had to start eating meat and as hoped she successfully gave birth to not just one but three babies at the same time. The delivery was absolutely normal and the woman was sent home with her babies within two weeks of the delivery.

Many vegetarian women might argue that they too have given birth to really healthy babies and that too without having to resort to eating meat. But, it needs to be remembered here that if you aren’t going to eat meat you need to have vegetarian substitutes with all the essential nutrients or have necessary supplements, so you do not end up with a deficiency. In fact, the doctors confirmed that the increase in the woman’s protein intake not only helped her gain the necessary amount of weight, but in turn also helped her see the pregnancy through to the end.

The woman on her part admitted that after her earlier medical misfortunes she had never in her wildest dream imagined that she would give birth to triplets. She now firmly believes that her meat intake is what helped her see the pregnancy through. Interestingly though, Laura Dixon, the woman in question, has decided that she shall revert back to being  a vegetarian now that she has delivered the babies. She still visits McDonalds like she used to during her pregnancy days, but now she only has the vegetarian stuff on the menu with French fries on the side.

Basically, there is nothing wrong in being a vegetarian till the time it is not at the expense of your health.