‘Very scary time’ for young American men, says Donald Trump

This is rich. The hearing occurred in the first place only because of Democratic duplicity. That the Senate hasn’t voted yet is shameful. He said Kavanaugh was “rightfully angry” about the accusations, and he added, “Who wouldn’t be?” Even “Saturday Night Live” got in on the action. “I don’t know. Have you?” Of Democrats, he added, “These are really evil people”.


Kavanaugh has repeatedly denied the allegations, as has Judge.

The “lying” narrative has become ubiquitous on left-leaning media sites with headlines such as “All of Brett Kavanaugh’s Lies” in GQ, “All the Lies Brett Kavanaugh Told” in HuffPost, and “How We Know Kavanaugh Is Lying” in Current Affairs. “We’re not stupid. Spare us the pearl-clutching”.

The fight over Kavanaugh’s nomination to a lifetime job on the top USA court comes against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement fighting sexual harassment and assault that has toppled a succession of powerful men.

Trump posed a hypothetical situation about a bright young man who had just gotten at job “at IBM or General Motors” but is falsely accused of sexual misconduct. He has a 12-year track record. She said she was able to get away and run into the bathroom after Judge jumped on her and Kavanaugh, knocking them off the bed.

Then there’s the matter of Judge Kavanaugh’s alcohol consumption.

News outlets report the women staged a sit-in at Democratic Sen.

The legal experts fault Kavanaugh for failing to remain open to the necessary search for truth after being accused of sexually assaulting a girl when he was a teen and instead becoming “repeatedly aggressive with questioners”. Instead, Kavanaugh characterized his love of beer as normal, and said suspected references to vomiting contained in his high school yearbook were the result of a weak stomach. He says there is mounting evidence that the appeals court judge isn’t credible.

This is known in the business as a straw man. Judge Kavanaugh never claimed he always drank in moderation. ‘I don’t remember.’ How many years ago was it?

“They should interview anyone they want within reason”. Chad Ludington, another Yale classmate, told The New York Times the altercation happened while they were drinking at a bar after a concert. Judge has previously denied any memory of such an incident.

Schumer said Kavanaugh was “rudely interrupting” senators in a way he’d never seen from a witness.

USA reports also say former classmates of the judge’s who have stressed his heavy college drinking are not on the witness list. It’s the ultimate set-up job. It’s another big win for him, and a semblance of protection for us. It was always and only about defeating Judge Kavanaugh by any means necessary.

Meanwhile, NBC News was hit with pushback after suggesting in a Monday report that Judge Kavanaugh lied when he said he didn’t learn of Deborah Ramirez’s allegation that he exposed himself to her at Yale until The New Yorker report.

A member of Ford’s legal team said they had still not heard from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Several people involved in the discussions said part of the challenge is in handling the Kavanaugh inquiry like a “regular” background check when the circumstances make it highly unusual. McConnell says accusations against Kavanaugh of sexual abuse in the 1980s have been uncorroborated and are unbelievable. They’re the band behind the famous reggae-tinged versions of “Red Red Wine”, “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, “The Way You Do the Things You Do” and “Here I Am (Come and Take Me)”. What he does deserve is confirmation. That’s the whole point of Trump’s pledge to appoint “pro-life” justices, with this interest-group-controlled vetting process as the actual guarantee: to ensure that none of the 25 are secretly “judicial activists” – like Kennedy or O’Connor or Souter or the other great Republican-appointed betrayers of the past (including the author of Roe v. Wade, Harry Blackmun).

A demonstrator holds a sign during a protest and march against the U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in New York City. Reuters