Watch Jay-Z’s Performance on Saturday Night Live

President Trump (still played by Alec Baldwin, 59, despite talk that Baldwin might abandon the role) has done tremendous work for jazz.


That’s what happened to Ryan Gosling in the Season 43 premiere on Saturday.

As for the musical guest, JAY-Z is always going to be a draw just because of his status as one of the biggest rappers of all time.

Actually, saving jazz wasn’t on Baldwin-as-Trump’s agenda this week.

After going live across the country for the first time a year ago, “SNL” is sticking with the formula.

This is a strong opening episode overall, by the way.

While Weekend Update ” s Summer Editions gave us a small dose of Colin and Che, it’s good to have them back at the desk to handle the year’s onslaught of cringe-worthy news. The writing continues to have real teeth. “Oh really Donald? You bitch?”

There’s plenty to fret about when it comes to Avatar, James Cameron’s “giant worldwide blockbuster” which is set to spawn four sequels in the coming years. How nasty? Are you shaking?

Michael Che also got into the act: “This isn’t that complicated, man”. These people need help. “I mean I did this movie, La La Land, and then everyone was saying that I saved jazz and I guess it was dying and I saved it”. And in that moment, Ryan Gosling is all of us. At this point, the chair Gosling was supporting himself with nearly tipped over as he shook with laughter.

In a sketch with Aidy Bryant dressed as a hen, Ryan lost his cool when the hen tried to grab his gun with her wings.


The sketch began innocently enough, with Gosling and Cecily Strong’s characters describing their pleasant, mind-bending experience being abducted by “glowing beings made of handsome light” and seeing their entire lives flash before their eyes. When they are fooled into eating food from Pizza Hut, things go badly. Even if you don’t know what Papyrus is or haven’t seen Avatar, you’ve been in Ryan Gosling’s shoes. Playing the Central Intelligence Agency agent along with Aidy Bryant is Mikey Day. It’s nearly as if this sketch was created just for the cinephile and graphic design crowd.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes step out in NYC.					Splash