Webcam Controlling Appliances through Gestures

It has become fashionable to be talking and using gadgets and appliances that can be controlled through your gestures. If you were happy with the games in PSP and Xbox that could be played using your gestures made by your hands, you now have a technology that allows you to control multiple electronic gadgets like laptop, desktop, televisions etc while being away from these devices. Yes, you can hope to control the content on the home screen or give commands to start or stop programs even when you are many feet away from these devices. What is surprising is that to be able to do so, you need not buy any hardware of gadget as only installing software on your laptop is sufficient for this gesture controller.



The new technology is even better than Kinect Motion and LeapMotion

The new technology seems like being similar to, or a take on the latest Leap Motion technology being developed by aintel-gesture-camera company in San Francisco. The credit to start a tug of war in gesture control of course goes to Microsoft with its Kinect Motion in Xbox 3 years ago. The ability to play games by making hand movements was something that people had not even imagined, and they were thrilled to have ability like this. The concept did not remain confined to gaming consoles as it was extended to many other gadgets giving owners ability to control them through hand gestures. LeapMotion went a step further in the sense that it did not require the owner to make frantic hand gestures as it had super sensitivity. It could do the job with a movement of your fingers alone.


Control several appliances remotely through your hands

But now, the new technology seems to dwarf the LeapMotion technology as it does not require installing any new software to achieve the ability to control gadgets from a distance. It is possible to make use of gesture control with the help of webcams that are already a part of your laptop. Now you can play the games on your computer by not making Gesture Controlclicks with the mouse or pressing up and down arrows on the keyboard but by making gestures with your fingers to give you more freedom and more excitement.


The new technology is the handiwork of a Israel based company called EyeSight Mobile Technologies and seems to have come out to give LeapMotion a hard time even before it could turn into a reality through large scale commercial production. The company has released a video that reveals the ability to simulate three dimensional tracking with the help of the simple webcam that comes embedded in most laptops these days. This video has created a buzz among people who are fond of technologies allowing gesture controlling. In the video, the user has been shown controlling Google earth with his hand in a seamless fashion.


If this new technology is produced on a commercial scale it could revolutionize the manner in which people control appliances and gadgets at homes and offices.