What costume best fits you? Maybe Party City can help

“Right under New Years Eve – The most enjoyed Holiday for adults – is Halloween”. Overall, if Google searches are any indication, on this year’s Halloween the United States will be brimming with Harley Quinns, Star Wars characters, superheroes (Batman most of all) and pirates. (In case you’re wondering, yes, there’s a “sexy” gray wolf costume.) Portland, Maine; Tampa, Florida; Fairbanks, Alaska, and Santa Barbara, California, could be full of pirates, while Amarillo, Texas, isn’t sure what kind of “superhero” to be.


For toddlers and preschoolers, the biggest cartoon hit is PAW PATROL.

Besides the Paw Patrol costume, Party City also carries tons of Paw Patrol costume accessories, like t-shirts, hats and sunglasses, they can wear for everyday dress up as well.

America is obsessed withMINIONS, which also make for a great costume choice.

The cost of Halloween can be scarier than even the best costume.

So what are the five most popular costume searches this year? LC.com’s Jessi Burrone thought this costume piece came naturally for her since Jessi blogs about food already and you are what you eat. This year, instead of putting together one Halloween costume, I made a decision to create a group costume for me and my group of girlfriends.


Lauren Conrad finally turned Chic of the Week into Halloween DIY at LaurenConrad.com today kicking it off with a icy cold sweet treat we all know and love.