Which Teams Are Favored To Advance Past Group Play?

While Canada has never hosted-or even qualified for-the men’s World Cup, it can count on its more experienced co-hosts and current NAFTA partners.


Here at The Knight Report we’ve made a decision to reach out to a couple of players on the Rutgers Men’s Soccer team to see who they have winning it all and why. Brazilians are hoping to add the sixth World Cup star on their badge. France is in 4 position with a 10.4% chance.

Only Brazil and Italy have ever bagged two World Cups in a row, although that’s Germany’s plan after taking home the prize in 2014. This may seem contradictory, but it is not, they noted. Indeed, the last non-seeded winners were in 1986, when Argentina were carried to the trophy by Diego Maradona and his “hand of God”.

The Argentina captain is aiming to win his first ever worldwide honour with his Country, and wants to make up for the heartbreak of losing the 2014 final to Germany in Brazil. Powered by data on teams and individual statistics of each player, it executed 200,000 models and simulated a million variations of the tournament to calculate the probability of advancement for each team. This year’s tournament in Russian Federation, at a time when it is back in geopolitical focus, will be followed by the World Cup making both – its maiden foray to West Asia in Qatar and a statement loaded with political undertones. Honestly I just like their pro style the most, and they just have a couple world class players on their team.

The players themselves also seem to be excited that they are finally arriving in Russian Federation.

Argentina have also won four, but have lost one, too.


The North American countries also showed that they have the necessary infrastructure to host the 48-team tournament. 21-percent believe Brazil will overthrow Germany and take the win instead. They are the best.

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