White House: Putin calls Obama, discuss Ukraine, Islamic State and Iran nuclear

Russian President Vladimir Putin called President Obama on Thursday as a group of six world powers, including Russia and the USA, rushes to complete a nuclear agreement with Iran.


In addition, he said, NATO is working to better secure the airspace in the region. He said Poland, Norway and Turkey will be sharing more airport traffic control data with Ukraine, which is considered to be a critical move because it’s a hostile territory.

Syria has been a major point of contention between the US and Russian Federation. A Malaysian airline leaving Amsterdam was mistaken shot down over eastern Ukraine previous year.

The USA and its NATO allies helped destabilize their relationship with Russian Federation by directly supporting the overthrow of Ukraine’s government and encircling the nation with military force.

For NATO, Russia’s intervention in Ukraine previous year has served as a spark to reinvent itself after a decade of fighting in Afghanistan. Moscow has repeatedly denied helping te rebels.

Stepan Poltorak spoke alongside visiting Canadian Defense Minister Jason Kenney as Kiev military chiefs reported intensified attacks by separatists in the east, despite a ceasefire, with another Ukrainian soldier killed.

He said there have been more than 30 supply missions to the Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which were forcibly incorporated into the ex- Soviet Union, last month asked NATO to deploy several thousand permanent troops in their region as a deterrent to Russian Federation.

Earlier this week NATO said it would bolster its presence along the alliance’s eastern flank in response to Russia’s perceived aggression in Ukraine. The United States so far has also declined to provide Kiev with lethal weapons, fearing that would lead to a fast-escalating proxy war with Russian Federation.

But defense ministers this week gave the NATO commander the green light to alert the task force to prepare for deployment “if we have those intel indications that trip our concern”, Gen. Breedlove said, thereby speeding its deployment as political leaders convened to vote on employing it.


Ukraine is not a member of NATO and the U.S.-dominated alliance has not intervened militarily in the conflict.

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