White House welcomes efforts to study gun ‘bump stock’ devices

“We must make sure people intent on causing mass destruction and loss of life won’t be aided by lax laws that give them unfettered access to military-style weaponry”.


The National Rifle Association, which has lobbied against gun control proposals, has not commented on the massacre or Feinstein’s legislation.

Right now, a bump stock is legal: the accessory attaches to a rifle, allowing the recoil to fire the weapon more rapidly than a human finger on the trigger.

Rep. Bill Flores, a gun owner from Texas, was the first Republican to express support for a ban on the devices, The Hill reported. They can be installed over the weapon’s rear shoulder-stock assembly, which is the part held against the shoulder.

“For $400 you can have as close to a full automatic weapon without spending $20,000”, said Rex Gore, Owner of Black Wing Shooting Center. “I don’t know if there’s a legitimate sporting goal for that”.

What is a bump stock, how does it work and is it legal?

“Bump stocks are accessories”, Newman explained.

“We have no position on bump fire stocks or any other components really, that may have been used at this time until we get some more information from investigators”.

“We welcome, certainly, that and conversation on that”, she said. “We really have to summon the outrage of America”. Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who introduced the Senate bill.

Simple but highly illegal after-market modifications can also change semiautomatic weapons into automatic weapons.

Gillibrand railed at Congress for failing to pass gun control, noting that she was not anti-Second Amendment.

The National Rifle Association may not be opposed to at least one gun control measure circulating after the Las Vegas shooting, in which a gunman killed 59 people, including himself, and injured hundreds of others.


Several leading Congressional Republicans have indicated this week that they are open to considering additional regulations on bump stocks, or even banning them altogether. Most recently, last Thursday, just days before Paddock opened fire from his Las Vegas hotel room. “I have no idea why, but anytime an unfortunate situation happens and they start talking about getting rid of stuff, we get those phone calls”, he said. “But we really need to stop and think: Is this going to have the impact that we want?” Background checks are required when making purchases from gun shops in the state, but private gun sales are permitted and it is relatively easy for anyone to gather a significant stockpile of weapons and ammunition.

Gun stocks are rising right now as they typically do following a mass shooting