Why The Revival Of ‘American Idol’ Might Just Work

ABC’s “American Idol” Season 16 judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan are pictured with host Ryan Seacrest. They actually appear on rival NBC’s blockbuster singing competition “The Voice”, which reminds me of something judge Luke Bryan says that hints at another problem for “Idol” 2.0.


A freshly-arrived Venezuelan refugee who settled in Sweetwater is set to be one of the stars in the early season of the newly revived American Idol.

“We really encourage them”, she added.

For starters, the gimmick has been diluted by the numerous follow-up seasons (this will be the sixteenth “Idol”) and various competitive shows. Just don’t forget to cancel your trial if you don’t want to get charged $20.

You’d be forgiven for not even knowing this show – which featured celebrities doing impersonations of famous singers – even existed.

Perhaps sensing some general need for respite – from unpleasantness, cruelty, bullies – ABC resurrects an American Idol that’s cozily familiar, reassuring even, with the franchise’s recognizable markers intact and the spikier inclinations of previous incarnations left behind.

So, yeah, what would American Idol be without inspiring tales and aspirations, all packaged in backstory videos, nervous entreaties and elaborate vocal runs? “I remember being inspired by it as a young musician”, Bryan said.

Yes, despite the sexual misconduct allegations against him, Seacrest returns to his role as American Idol host.

‘You’re going to mace us, ‘ said the Play It Again crooner, ‘don’t let him go through your pocketbook, Nicole, and get your pepper spray’. “And some of these contestants we’re gonna send home, and they’re gonna come back years later and they’re gonna be mega-stars”. Richie, Perry and Bryan are judges on ABC’s reboot of “American Idol”. “Now, I’m not saying you should come on the show because you’re homeless and I’ll feel sorry for you”. She kindly tells contestants that other people are quite simply out-singing them or that they need to continue to work on their skills or that their voice is better suited for a different medium.

That particular audition-I’m trying not to give much away here-starts with Idol’s worst tendency (ridicule) and ends with the show at its best (an expert identifying and affirming another person’s talent). “It was one of our favorite places when we’d go to audition cities, because we knew we’d get someone good”. “So I’m excited for the people who are talented and have a dream and don’t know any other way to make it”. Watch this space, though: Her time on Idol could be something special.

“I sang parts of Techno Cumbia in Spanish and Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato”.


The revamped American Idol will premiere on Sunday, March 11.

STAR SEARCH Luke Bryan Katy Perry and Lionel Richie at left will judge contestants like Dennis Lorenzo above left and Catie turner