Windows 8.1 released with start button update

After a grand successful of Windows 8 Pro, Microsoft has launched its updated version Windows 8.1. There are many new features installed in Windows 8.1 that were missed in Window 8 Pro.


Windows 8.1

Last year, when windows 8 pro became official for users, it got several reviews, some says that it is awesome and some says it is bullshit. But personally I felt very much proud after using Windows 8 Pro specially because of its fast booting time and fats responding time. But there is some limitations of this windows 8 too such that a normal user must have to suffer a lot t get complete command on operating Windows 8.

Today at 12 PM, the new version of Windows that is 8.1 becomes available for all. Those who are using original Windows 8 Pro will get this update without paying a single penny. But it will be little costly for those who was waiting for price fall Windows 8. Now they have to pay £200 for an original upgrade from Windows 7, XP or vista.

Microsoft has announced that this update is a very improved version for its better performance, booting time. Microsoft has also brought the lost start button in this new version and made it permanently visible to the user at the same place where windows 7 has. Due to this start button many user feel somehow much efficient to use Windows 8.1, as they are well familiar with this start button. But the start button on click screen will be same as Windows 8, means when the user will press the start button, the same window will appear as the Windows 8 has (group of tiles).

Microsoft has cleared that the user will get more option for customizing their tiles by different size, group and colour. They also said that the Xbox music, calendar, mail, Video and SmartGlass have all been improved by speed and performance.

Microsoft has also announced that any PC that will be sold after 17th October 2013 will get pre-loaded Windows 8.1. So if you are planning to buy new PC then go for it, you will get the latest OS of Windows with all high end apps.


And those who owned original Windows 8 can download or upgrade this updated version after 17th October 2013 from their Microsoft official website.