Windows RT will get new Start Menu this fall, not much more

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There are many users who prefer to install Windows using a disc, but they must be very careful not to scratch or damage it, because otherwise, the disc will be useless.

The new streaming service feature was announced in January as part of the exciting things to come to Windows 10 as Microsoft tries to increase its following in a market that has since embraced OS X. Microsoft explains a little more. Have the new versions of Windows 10 been horrific debacles, fraught with bugs and generally lessening code quality?

Look up information about Windows 10, and amongst all the hype and speculation three key points will stand out: Windows 10 releases on 29 July; upgrading to it will be free for one year; and this will be the last version of Windows.

As WinBeta points out, Microsoft has deactivated all Windows 10 Insider Preview product keys for builds prior to 10240. They will then release in waves after July 29th.

Microsoft’s new operating system will ship on a USB stick when it ships from Amazon, and hasn’t even appeared on Microsoft’s site or at the company’s retail stores, though it’s expected to show up there soon. The Victorian Government has recently agreed to a deal to pay $4.4 million for extended Windows Server 2003 support, as they still have an undisclosed number of computers running this particular OS version. In order to receive new updates, the user needs to install every update prior to that update, because they are cumulative. The move is one that comes shortly before the official launch of Windows 10, and when users will have the ability to upgrade for free, to the latest operating system offered by Microsoft.

Microsoft has confirmed plans that it will sell Windows 10 to customers on USB drives.


Windows 10 isn’t going to allow its home users to skip updates, which is great if you like to keep your system constantly updated. The first TV spot features children in their home countries of Morocco, Thailand, Iceland, England, and the USA, all of whom will never know a world without the advances available in Windows 10.

Windows 10 promo video touts'familiar things with the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8