World’s First Tablet Projector Launched

Lumitab is the name of the first tablet in the world that has the ability to project photos and videos onto a wall having a size of 100 inches. A tablet with a built-in projector may not be very exciting news with smartphones already having this facility, but little known electronics company Promate has certainly caught the attention of executives who are often required to give presentations during conferences. This is a feature that is also very attractive for common people who like to watch videos and movies on big screen.


Tablet ProjectorLumitab is the latest offering from Promate which is a 7 inch Android based tablet (it is fitted with the latest Android Jellybean 4.2 OS) that has a display with a resolution of 1024X600 pixels. It is a fast device that is packed with a dual core1.5GHz processor with 1 GB or RAM and a huge storage space of 16 GB. The tablet has micro SD support and it also boasts of Bluetooth 4.0. These specs do not make Lumitab any different or better than an array of tablets available in the market. It is however the inbuilt projector that makes this tablet really special. With the help of this 100 inch projector, you can not only turn a get together with friends special by projecting dance videos on tot the big wall in your living room but also play interactive video games and read magazines and novels if you are not in a mood to hold them at night while reading.

The tablet has a single button projection system on the side of the tablet that allows the user to project the content of the tablet on to a big wall any time he so desires. Imagine being in your office with your boss suddenly calling you up to meet a group of delegates asking you to give them a presentation. Just take out your tablet and you are ready to give a presentation with the help of the inbuilt projector if you have the data inside your tablet of course. The tablet can project the contents inside on to a wall at a resolution of 854X480 pixels.World’s First Tablet Projector

If you have little toddlers at home, you can project cartoon films on to the wall of your room to pacify them or keep them engaged for a while. Or you can watch a movie at night by placing the projector in an upright position to project the movie on to the roof of the bedroom. If the number of people making searches for this first tablet projector is any indication, Lumitab is certainly going to fetch a decent profit to the parent company.


Now you have a gadget to turn any average gathering with friends into a party with the ability to project music videos onto the wall of your patio or backyard. There is no official word form the company about the pricing of the tablet but be ready to pay a premium to hold the smallest projector tablet in your hands.