Yale In Search Of the ‘Poopetrator’

Yale is known for being one of the best universities in the world, in fact it is a part of the Ivy League, but that isn’t why it is presently in the news. Instead, it is in the news for something rather absurd and amusing. Turns out, both students and the officials at Yale are doing all they can to stop an individual or possibly a group of individuals from putting human poop in the clothes dryers on campus. Four incidents have taken place in the past one month, prompting those on campus to name whoever is doing this –“poopetrator”.


As amusing as the whole thing sounds, you can imagine how horrible it can feel if you put your clothes in the dryer and when you remove them you discover that they are smeared with human excreta. The authorities at Yale are doing their best to find out, who all are at the bottom of this rather distasteful mischief. To avoid more such incidents, all students have been asked to ensure that they do not leave their clothes unsupervised.

Yale searches fro the Poopetrator

It has also been decided that the laundry room of Saybrook College in Yale, where all the poop-related incidents have taken place, would be monitored closely. It seems like the “poopetrator” has succeeded in his mission of being able to garner enough attention for himself and his deeds. Reportedly, students aren’t very amused with the whole issue and have decided they have to themselves take care of the whole situation. For this very reason, they have decided to guard the laundry room.

It would be interesting to see if the “poopetrator” would be able to strike again with all this monitoring. It is fully possible that he might shift focus from Saybrook to some other college in Yale, or he might lie low for a little while, at least till things cool down. It seems like the whole mischief was orchestrated by a student or group of students and they might now stop for good as presently there is a serious risk of them getting caught.

The “poopetrator” might never get caught and could one day end up being a famous politician, industrialist or even the President of the United States and none of us would be any the wiser about what he did during his college days in Yale.