Yemen airstrikes resume; 15 allied fighters killed

Saudi Arabia has yet to comment on the deadly strike. There was also said to be fighting in the city of Taiz itself.


Haphazard shelling their friends as well as by Houthis attack on upper and western regions of the port-city of Aden following the cease fire, protection officers and witnesses stated.

This angered the Sunni Muslim-ruled Gulf Arab states led by Riyadh, which regards the once obscure Huthis, who hail from Yemen’s northern highlands, as terrorists.

Coalition warplanes carried out raids near Sanaa late on Saturday and shortly after dawn on Sunday, residents reported.

A UN-declared six-day truce failed to take hold earlier this month after it was ignored by both the coalition and Al Houthi militants.

A senior Houthi commander, Abdul-Khaliq al-Houthi, was captured on Saturday by the Southern Resistance, the secessionist movement said on its official Twitter account. But after three months no money has been transferred to the UN, according to several UN officials.

The statement concluded with the Secretary-General’s call on the conflict parties to comply fully with their obligations under global humanitarian law to protect civilians and to urgently work with the United Nations and humanitarian aid organizations to bring assistance to millions in need throughout the country. Bar likewise motivated many attributes “to aid the supply of relief help all parts of Yemen”.

The professional-authorities fighters received pulled after intense battles using the Houthis earlier within the evening from Sabr’s town.

At least 30 others were wounded in the strikes on hills overlooking the rebel-held Al-Anad airbase, as well as in nearby Radfan, the sources said.

Fighting hotspots in Aden and Lahj an outlying town to the north were said to have become quieter after the ceasefire came into effect, although there were still occasional volleys of gunfire. Saudi, Emirati, Egyptian and Jordanian military advisers there have set up the camps and trained hundreds of fighters, they added.

The loyalists seized Mujassam, an area on the northern outskirts of the city, as well as several farms near Bir Ahmed district, military source said.

Relatives of a man who was killed from Saudi airstrikes, mourn after they uncovered his lifeless body from rubble of houses destroyed, in Sanaa, Yemen, Monday, July 13, 2015.

The foreign military advisers, officials said, arrived in al-Buraiqeh by sea more than a month ago and serve as intermediaries between the Yemeni troops and the coalition leadership in neighboring Saudi Arabia.

Organizations also said the coalition has used banned weapons such as cluster bombs in the country.


All-the representatives spoken anonymously because they’re not licensed to temporary reporters.

Workers unload bags of food from a UN's World Food Programme ship docked in Yemen's port city of Aden