You are woken up after 10 years of coma: prank


Few prankster played a prank with a drunk driver, who made an accident after drinking too much alcohol.

The video that was uploaded on YouTube by the user ‘MabeInAmerica’ got already more than 12,000,000 hits by the viewers.

In this video, a man who was a drunk driver, made to believe that he was in coma since 10 years.

The whole idea was the brainchild of American comedian Tom Mabe who’d seen his friend suffer with an apparent drink problem.

You are woken up after 10 years of coma

But Mabe isn’t in the mood for laughs as he attempts to drum into his friend the gravity of the situation.

“It’s not funny… you could’ve lost your daughter, ten years could’ve been wasted away here,” he says in the video “Dude, you’ve got to stop doing it.

At last a message is displayed in the video, saying “happy holidays, don’t drink and drive”.