Zimbabwe accuses 2nd American of illegally hunting lion

Meanwhile, Zimbabwean authorities have said they are looking to extradite Walter Palmer over Cecil’s death on 1 July, amid claims he was not authorised to embark on the hunt.


“Jericho is alive and well”, said Professor David Macdonald of Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, which had been tracking Cecil and Jericho by satellite.

Parks and wildlife management authorities say Jan Casimir Seski shot the lion with a bow and arrow near Hwange National Park, without approval and on land where it wasn’t allowed. According to the Zimbabwe government, safari organizer Headman Sibanda has been arrested. Jan Seski” as the man standing next to slain animals including elephants, an impala, a kudu, a nyala, a hippo and an ostrich.

Zimbabwean officials call for Palmer’s extradition to the country to face charges for crime of killing Cecil. In an interview with the French Press Agency (AFP), he denied allegations they lured the wounded Cecil out of Hwange National Park and killed it with a gun.

The brother of Cecil, the lion killed in Zimbabwe by an American hunter last month, is not dead, a researcher monitoring the pride told Reuters, contradicting media reports that Jericho had been killed.

Bow hunting has been suspended countrywide unless authorized in writing by the Authority’s Director-General.

In 2013, Seski’s medical practice was charged with “having caused the introduction of an unapproved drug into interstate commerce”, and paid a $100,000 fine, according to an FBI statement.

Lane adds that this report of Jericho’s death may stem from another “lion incident from 2nd July being investigated by Parks today in a nearby area where a lion was hunted, but the investigation is still continuing”.

Palmer said he went after Cecil on the assumption that the hunt was legal and the guides had obtained all the necessary permits. Ernest Hahn stated Seski put up no-trespassing indicators, breaking the agricultural space’s custom of individuals feeling free to cross property strains to hunt.

Zimbabwe Nationwide Parks spokeswoman Caroline Washaya Moyo stated Seski offered his identify and different figuring out info for a authorities database when he got here for the hunt. “Everything he did was perfectly legal and above board and a great help to our conservation efforts.”.

Hwange is favored by hunters because of its teeming wildlife, Matipano said.

While Cecil’s death was tragic, it could lead to some good here in the U.S., too.


In Washington, U.S. Senator Robert Menendez has introduced legislation called Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large, or CECIL, Animal Trophies Act.

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