19-Year-Old Model Who Was Called ‘Too Big’ Responds With Honest Video

They think this is too big.


“Butt too big”, they say. One look at Agnes’ thin frame and it’s pretty unbelievable that someone would ever tell her to lose any amount of weight, but that’s what leaders in the modeling industry suggested she do.

She’s worked as a model since she was the ripe age of 14, but has officially been axed by the industry because she’s “too big”, noting that her butt and mid-section are problematic areas.

Agnes has now chose to stop pursuing modelling, saying she has accepted that her body is healthy as it is.

This, despite the fact that her BMI is 17.5, which is classified as underweight.

‘You guys, I’m too big!’, she adds, twirling in front of the camera.

“They think this is too big”.

The 19-year old took to YouTube after being told by countless agencies and fashion brands that she is “too big” for bookings.

However, her experience, she says, has taught her: ‘I am fine just as I am’. ‘Too big for the industry!’ .

Speaking to Swedish woman’s magazine Veckorevyn, Agnes reveals how she works “very little” as a model, and instead makes a living as a sales assistant in a shop.

“Modelling is more like a part time job now. They still tell me that I’m too big”.

And then there were these comments on the web that caught my eye.

If anything you can gain a few KG maybe 5-10kg and look even better in my opinion! She is clearly an astoundingly lovely girl, and it’s the fashion industry’s loss if they don’t see it that way.

Is it surprising that male designers would want to see females who have the shape of a child or young man?


Perfection. Of course this story is entirely to get publicity.

19-Year-Old Model Who Was Told She's 'Too Big&#39 Calls Out Fashion Industry In Daring Video