20th Century Fox Targeting Mega Man Movie

Currently it looks like Mega Man is going to jump to another platform. Mike Ireland and Ryan Horrigan are also on board. Is it possible this is the next cycle Steven Spielberg, a known gamer, expects to see replace the superheroes?


The studio is now turning its attention to Capcom’s Mega Man series. Chernin is also the founder of anime streaming service Crunchyroll, meaning he is no doubt familiar with Mega Man’s Japanese origins and the various games, TV shows, comics and spin-offs that have been released since Mega Man’s inception way back in 1987. Mega Man can fit right into that demographic, even though he’s not exactly the most famous video game character around these days.

The Mega Man franchise has proved hugely successful over the years, selling 30 million copies during its 28-year lifespan.

Light, Dr. Wily and all the robot masters are supposedly heading to Hollywood in a live-action Mega Man movie being made by 20th Century Fox. It’s enough to make you want to shake your fist and shout, “Damn you, evil geniuses!” It’s a category Mega Man definitely falls into. In the 1990s, a cartoon, a joint USA-Japan production, ran from 1994 to 1995, but was cancelled due to budget constraints.

Your greatest dreams or worst nightmare might become true.



Since Super Mario Bros. First hit screens in 1993, filmmakers have been trying to bring the imaginative worlds of video games to the silver screen. Or not, who knows.

'Mega Man' movie in works