3 reasons Apple’s iPhone 6s Upgrade Program is an exciting idea

It’s frustrating for everyone who isn’t an Apple partisan when Cupertino takes credit for magical, revolutionary new features that other phone makers have had for years.


While the new iPhones have kept the same screen size as their predecessors, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, they have a number of tweaks and improvements.

The Apple TV set-top box price is now slashed to AU$69.

Now most carriers in Australia demand a two year contract with hefty margins built into a combined SIM and iPhone sale.

Also, the program includes the company’s warranty package – AppleCare+ for a 2-year period, which conventionally costs about $129.

Also, it does come as a relief for consumers when carriers like Verizon Communications Inc. As India has now become an important market for Apple, it is expected that the company will officially launch the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in India between October 11 and 15. It’s all pretty seamless too, with T-Mobile being able to convert the call to a regular voice call should you wind up in an area with poor data connection.

Out of the lot, the iPhones are easily the show stealers because they are much better than their previous iterations.

“We believe that China alone could offer a significant bump in pre-orders given that we believe it represents around 30 percent of iPhone sales”, Munster said.

Did you ever find yourself in the bad luck of owning a locked device and having to switch carriers?

Canadian carriers have released their pricing, with orders to start just after midnight tonight.


“We are likely moving to a point where Apple will double storage levels across the board, putting 32GB as the new base level with more substantial storage amounts as you move higher in price”. To cater the price sensitive market, Apple is reportedly working on a cheaper iteration of the iPhone which can compete in those markets.

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