40 Children Being Held Captive By A Sect In Germany Rescued

Down history we have seen that most cults and sects have proven to be more trouble than they are worth and this recent piece of news just reaffirms that. Recently, the Bavarian authorities arrested the members of a Christian sect called “Twelve Tribes”. Turns out, there were children who were a part of this sect. The adult cult members have been charged by the authorities with physically abusing these children. Allegedly, the children of the sect used to be meted out corporal punishment. This form of punishment is now outlawed in most nations as it’s considered inhumane.


The members of the sect have defended their actions, saying that although they used to whip the children with a thin rod, the children despite being hurt were not affected. According to the sect it is more humane to beat a child up with a stick rather than pounding their hands and feet. The members of the sect have argued that this show of force helps instill discipline in the children. Their belief is that children who aren’t punished in this manner end up being cowards and do not give their elders any respect.

Shockingly, Twelve Tribes which was started in the US has over the years spread its roots in over 10 countries and now has branches in all of them. The officials reportedly raided the Twelve Tribes facility during the time of the morning mass. The members subsequently got themselves arrested without resisting. Nearly two dozen children were rescued and for this whole operation the help of about a 100 government officials was taken.

The children for now have been sent to foster homes. The authorities noted that the sect members even refused to sent many of these children to secondary school although they were old enough for it. In an online statement about the incident the US chapter of the Twelve Tribes was quoted as saying: “We are an open and transparent community that does not tolerate any form of child abuse. Our children grow up in a loving environment and are educated in the spirit of charity.”

Somehow the whole thing reeks of something sinister and the statement made by the US chapter of the sect seems a bit too rehearsed. It seems that only because they did not want to get in trouble with the authorities, is why they made that cliché of a statement.