#50 to #1: Oregon’s Most Violent Cities and Towns in 2014

Here are the rankings of cities and towns in Rhode Island for violent crime, per capita, last year. Mayor Richard Berry said at a news conference Wednesday that the city aims to work with lawmakers and corrections officials to make changes in the system that might reverse downward trends. The report says property crime dipped about 4 percent from 2013 to 2014.


“It’s ridiculous that I can’t tell you how many people were shot by the police in this country”, Comey said in February during an appearance at Georgetown University, reports The Washington Post.

“These figures are the latest indication that our current criminal justice policies are having the desired effect of protecting the community from serious and violent offenders as well as repeat felony offenders”, said Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. It turns out that murders by all rifles (as reported by the FBI), including homicides by those semi-automatic rifles that a few refer to as “assault rifles”, were only 248 of those murders.

“We have witnessed a remarkable drop in crime since the 1980’s – both violent crime and crime overall”.

However, Toms River had the most property crimes (2,466) and burglaries (484) in 2014, the report shows.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation holds statistics on justifiable homicides, but does not receive all data on the number from every police department, as many do not voluntarily give out this information. “Often times they’ll loose relationships as a result of disclosing the crime and so you can see why ultimately most victims feels like it’s an easier route to just stay silent and not report”, she said. The data were broken into eight types of crime. Palisade police reported four incidents of violent crime in 2014, but comparative data for 2013 wasn’t listed on the FBI’s website.


These are the nation’s most unsafe cities.

FBI Director James Comey