9-year-old received several cuts from shark bite in Jacksonville Beach

After this young girl escaped a shark’s grasp, she realized her friend was still in danger and went back to save her. The girl has won everyone’s appreciation after deciding to ignore her physical illnesses and head back into the waters to save her 6-year-old friend.


Rescuers estimated the time of the shark attack to be around 3 p.m. The 6-year-old friend was unharmed.

She was taken to Wolfson Children’s Hospital for treatment and was accompanied by her mother, according to police.

The Jacksonville Beach Fire Department said the girl was bitten on her right leg at the knee.

“I am just so proud of her”, said her father.

Although Kaley will have a pretty serious looking scar, she has no permanent tissue or nerve damage and is expected to make a full recovery. The surgeons were very pleased with how things came together.

Kaley Szarmack is recovering in a hospital after receiving 90 stitches following the shark attack on Wednesday in shallow water off the city of Jacksonville, her father told WJXT radio. A shark bite would be terrifying for anyone, but Kaley was courageous enough to go back in the ocean to save a friend. “And Kaley walked herself out of the ocean”, Szarmack said.


[Image via Wikimedia Commons].

Kaley Szarmack