A 67 Year Old Woman Probably Eaten By Her Own Dogs

Now here is a piece of news, which if it is true is both scary and strange. In Kentucky, the remnant (skull and jawbone) of an old woman has been found. The woman had been missing for a while and recently the skull and jawbone were found in her property. Authorities are suspecting that the woman might have been eaten by her own pets. As astonishing as it might sound, it is quite plausible that the large number of wolf-dogs (hybrid of a wolf and a dog) she had kept as pets in her property, might have had something to do with her disappearance.


This whole incident must have surely sent a shudder down the spine of many a dog-lover. Patricia Ritz, the old woman in question, it seems was quite the dog-lover, which is why the authorities came across fifty of these wolf-dogs when they entered her property to look for her. It was the neighbors who reported the fact that Patricia was missing as they hadn’t seen her for a while. The authorities aren’t suspecting any foul play and have concluded that Patricia might have died of natural causes. The coroner though is yet to ascertain the exact cause of death.Old Woman Probably Eaten By Her Own Dogs

Surely, many of you might have assumed from what was said at the beginning that the wolf-dogs hunted down Patricia and then ate her. But, in all probability nothing of the sort happened, instead after Patricia died of natural causes there was no one to feed the dogs, which why to survive they must have eaten her. Talking about Patricia’s passion for her dogs and animal control ward official was quoted as saying “”I think it was just one lady that really wanted to save them all”. The official also commented on how the number of these dogs grew rapidly because they weren’t neutered or spayed.


Turns out, Patricia had in the past been charged a number of times with animal cruelty because she allowed the dogs on her property to breed unhindered. This back in 1999 even led to 154 of the 184 dogs on her property being euthanized. She was allowed to keep the rest on the promise that she would have them spayed and neutered. Looks like Patricia didn’t really keep her promise.