A House that Looks Just like an Overgrown Mushroom

You may have seen and heard some weird houses because of their architecture and design but what about living inside a house that is a big mushroom? Yes, there is such a house in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. It was a brainchild of architect Terry Brown who designed and built this unique though often maligned house in a section of Cincinnati called Hyde Park. Terry was at a point of time a Professor in the University of Cincinnati. He obviously made the best use of his position in the university as he got ample help from his students in designing this beautiful house that took nearly 10 years to complete. Terry even used it as his secondary residence for a brief period from 2006-2008 but unfortunately he passed away in a tragic road accident in 2008.



mushroom_house_Terry and his students used a variety of material during the construction of this unique mushroom house that included, wood, marble, shells, ceramics, glasses, and many different metals. The team of 35 students headed by Terry built this one bedroom, one bathroom 1260 square feet house with enthusiasm and they created something that is not only good to look at but also provides a sensuous experience to those who spend some time inside the house. This innovative museum cum house is today up for sale as it has been listed at $349K.


Mushroom house is a rather unusual piece of design and architecture that is certainly not made to cater to the taste of a common man. If you look at the house closely or get a chance to go inside for some time, you will find yourself transported into an altogether different world. There are many who say that they loved this unusual yet sensuous experience while there are also many who find the experience eerie. It is no surprise then to find passersby press on their brake pedals when they see this unusual creation of Terry Brown.


The locality is upscale with Hyde Park in the surroundings. This special house is surrounded by traditional houses on allmushroom house its sides. Mushroom House is certainly one of its own kinds, raising eyebrows and also eliciting vows from many onlookers.  Terry, when he was once asked as to what prompted him to make such an unusual house replied that he was fascinated while experimenting with various materials trying to make different things from them. The shapes that he and his student could create using different metals made him excited and he decided to build something that was close to nature and also very different from the normal concept of a house. Interestingly, Terry bought this house in 1989 form a family and decided to transform it into a marvel of architecture.



The house took very long to be built, more than 10 years to be precise. There was a generation of curious onlookers who would be interested in knowing how things would finally shape up. The building still draws stream of visitors who want to see it from close quarters.