A Map That Has Every Bigfoot Sighting Chalked Out

The Bigfoot has over the years become as much of a talking point as ghosts. Whether it exists or is doesn’t is anybody’s guess. But, those who claim to have seen it in various parts of the world would aggressively argue that this creature is very real. Now a map has been created that chalks out all the locations where people have allegedly spotted this creature. The person who has created the map is a student of Pennsylvania State University named Joshua Stevens.


Stevens has created this map based on the data compiled by BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) which believes that the Bigfoot in all probability is a primate that is on the verge of extinction and hence has only a sparse population remaining. Stevens etched out this map with the aid of software that converted the BFRO data on the basis of the all geographic locations where people had seen this creature.

This map revealed that there were a large number of reported sightings in the Pacific Northwest, the Ohio River Valley, central Florida, the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Mississippi River Valley between 1921 and 2012. The map also reveals that the number of reported sightings saw an increase in the 70s. The increase can probably be attributed to all the TV shows and movies being made about this creature during that period. Between 2000 and 2009 another increase in the sightings is observed.

The man who has created this map doesn’t seem to be a believer though and is quoted as saying “”Ultimately, I’m not convinced there’s a descendant of (giant ape) Gigantopithecus playing hide-and-seek in the Pacific Northwest”. But Stevens also added that “if respectable folks like … primatologist Jane Goodall believe there’s something more to the myth, I think it’s at least worth putting on the map.” Well, if you are wondering what Goodall had to say about the whole issue this quote by her should give you an idea: “I’m sure that they exist.” But she also added “Well, I’m a romantic, so I always wanted that.”

Basically, what Goodall seems to be hinting at is that she would want this myth to be true. Unfortunately, no evidence has to date been found that would convince the scientific community or the non-believers that this mythical creature might actually exist. Surely, the believers won’t give up this easily and who knows might one day come up with some evidence. Till then we reserve our judgment.