A Motorist Caught On Camera Driving With Hood Up

There are lot strange and foolhardy things that people indulge in the world over and this is just another one of those things. A motorist in the UK was caught on camera driving at 50 mph with his hood up and that too completely. From the looks of it he was navigating the vehicle by peering through a little gap between the hood and the front of the vehicle. This might have seemed like an adventure and some sort of daredevilry to the motorist, but he was not only endangering his life but also of others.


It was a person in another vehicle who saw this and decided to capture the whole thing on camera. In fact, this crazy motorist had made sure that a mechanism was in place so the bonnet wouldn’t come down. You would be even more amazed to know that the motorist was carrying out this foolhardy stunt on a freeway. According to the person who caught the whole thing on camera, this crazy motorist wasn’t even trying to peer through the gap in order to drive, but was actually sitting up straight. Also, this crazy man was by himself in the vehicle. Surely, if there was someone sitting with him they would have tried to talk or knock sense into this man.

Motorist Caught Driving With Hood Up

John Cuthill, the man who recorded the entire thing, even revealed that the motorist saw that his actions were being videotaped, but that did not deter him and he continued what he was doing, nonchalantly. If you are wondering, what is the mechanism that this crazy motorist was using to keep his hood raised? Well, it is a battery booster that is connected to the engine of the vehicle and when the engine is on, it powers up this booster, which in turn doesn’t allow the hood to come down.


This whole recording that was done by Cuthill on his phone has now being handed over by him to the cops. Based on the evidence at hand, the authorities should as act as promptly as possible, if they wish to avert a really horrible accident in the time to come. The motorist on his part really needs some sense to be knocked into him. One can only hope that it doesn’t happen the hard way, with his head getting knocked real hard on the steering wheel, after crashing into something.