A new Facebook feature multitaskers will love

It gives users the best of both worlds, they can continue mindlessly scrolling through the News Feed while the video continues to play as well.


If Facebook’s ever-flowing News Feed does not satiate your thirst for videos of babies and weddings, you’ll like the platform’s new feature.

YouTube’s share of the video ad market was predicted to rise to 25%, with the Silicon Valley company taking in $9.5 billion globally this year.

If you’re one who takes delight in watching viral videos while reading that way off-base political article your distant cousin shared, you’ll love the latest update Facebook just rolled out. However, at the same time, the social networking giant is faced with a challenge of generating new and interesting video content on a daily basis.

Recently, Facebook has a dramatic increase in online video viewership.

(Photo: Reuters) Facebook’s floating video is similar to that of Youtube’s miniature screen. Click on it and it will pop-out from your news feed and jump out of your scrolling way.

Facebook is exploring ways to improve video content on its website and mobile apps to compete with the likes of YouTube for advertising contracts.

However, the feature works only when you opt to stay on the same page. In December 2014, the social media site has overtaken Youtube’s number of views. Under that arrangement, the creator of the video gets a 55 per cent share of the revenue.

Unfortunately, there are a few limitations including the fact that the floating window shrinks to a much smaller size compared to original video on newsfeeds.


Facebook’s plan to boost its video content doesn’t come as a surprise.

Facebook Inc Releases Floating Video Player To Aid Your Endless Scrolling