A new Windows 10 Mobile preview is available

When you upgrade to Windows 10 via Windows Update from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, the process registers your computer’s hardware, and qualifying OS with a Microsoft Product Activation Server.


There is also the question of default settings in Windows 10.

Microsoft is also cautioning users that some phones will take awhile to complete the migration to the Build. Certain apps, including Groove, Podcast, and Pandora will crash when launching after receiving an app update from the Store.

“The event log will be triggered every time a malicious USB that relies on this vulnerability, is mounted on the system”.

For those that prefer to wait it out, Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about you.

There are 13 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer addressed in MS15-079 including 10 which could lead to remote code execution, while new Windows 10 browser Edge is patched with the critical MS15-091 to address four CVEs. Accordingly, before running the update, users should make sure they install any language packs they expect to need in the future.

“Not giving Windows 10 users at least the option to disable individual updates should a bad update appear (they can gladly stay on by default) is totally impractical”, said Kelly. It will work most time but if it doesn’t find another alternative.

“We had a lot of fun building this version of Firefox and we hope you’ll enjoy the new look”.

But that’s not the one you should necessarily patch first. When this security bulletin was issued, Microsoft has reason to believe that this vulnerability has been used in targeted attacks against customers.

“Thanks to new developments in Google’s Safe Browsing service we are now able to identify malware downloads in all of our supported platforms as well as warn users about potentially unwanted software”, explained Francois Marier, a security and privacy engineer with the company. If you’re comfortably hacking around in the registry, there is a method for fixing it and getting your computer working again.

Microsoft has yet to release an update to fix the crash-loop problem. For devices with screens, users can write a Universal Windows app to act as interface for their devices.

Windows 10 IoT Core is created as the OS for all kinds of connected devices from your smartphones to garage doors, and robotic air-hockey tables. Given that the Windows 10 launch date for those devices just came and went, a modicum of slack may be in order.


Microsoft will not send you a free upgrade email with links in it. These are phishing scams, designed to get you to download malware in to your PC.

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