Abandoned: IAAF: Vice-president Sergey Bubka leaves World Championships in Beijing

Winning 115-92 was a comfortable, but not overwhelming victory.


“You have a president that will devote himself full-time to the IAAF”. But few who voted at the IAAF Congress in Beijing can have any doubt as to whether they have found a man utterly committed to athletics and with a true determination to rebuild it.

“I’d like to thank President Diack for the many personal kindnesses both public and private and to you, the Member Federations, for placing your trust in me today”.

IAAF is in a deep crisis.

“Those sorts of situations are really unfortunate to see in our sport“, she added.

Welsh calls Coe one of the greatest of all-time.

“He was a real nice guy and everybody, including myself, looked up to him”.

He said: “There is a zero tolerance to the abuse of doping in my sport and I will maintain that to the very highest level of vigilance”. His attack should not come as a surprise. He got 61 votes in the second round to get elected.

Andreu claims that there is a “business relationship” and “a conlfict of interests” between Coe and the President of the World Anti Doping Agency Craig Reedie.

The white-haired generation has done what it could, and now over to the black-haired generation.

But Coe’s contribution to the writing of the book of sports politics goes far deeper than that. These achievements were probably the main springboard for his successful campaign to become IAAF president, but also an opportunity to gain personal economic profit.

Lord Coe’s initial term will be for four years. CSM worked out the bid book for Baku in their wish for the Summer Olympics and have helped Baku secure the heavily criticised European Games, arranged for the first time this summer.

Coe has already said he will rip up the IAAF’s anti-doping structure, pledging to introduce an independent anti-doping unit separate from the governing body. In 2012 he was appointed worldwide Advisor for Nike. But it confirmed that 28 athletes had been caught in retests of their doping samples from the 2005 and 2007 world championships. After being elected president of the IAAF he refuses to comment on how much money he receives from Nike as an global Advisor.

Lord Coe stressed his commitment to cracking down on drug cheats after being elected to the most powerful position in world athletics. “It definitely is sad that it’s in the forefront of the world championships, and it’s not about the competition that’s coming up”. He wants to maximise commercial growth, focus more on youth engagement, increase resources for anti-doping, including the introduction of a new independent unit, establish a new IAAF ethics department to safeguard the values of the sport and give the national federations more power.

Bubka will serve as Coe’s senior vice-president after receiving 187 votes in the election that followed.

The IAAF was this week forced to defend its anti-doping stance yet again when it emerged that only a third of athletes would be blood tested at the World Championships, which begin on Saturday, when all 2,000 competitors had been at the past two events.


“The performance must be an improvement on the existing IAAF World Record”.

IAAF adopts tenure limit for President