Acer Creating A Wave Into Windows 8 Notebook Arena

Acer is undoubtedly the uncrowned kings in the arena of computer making. They have a stabilized global presence, and the company’s wings have already reached all major countries. Acer is renowned for providing high quality laptops and notebooks, and they have a wide range of satisfied customers all over the world. All the products of Acer are highly innovative, and this is one of the main reasons behind the company’s market success. On May 3rd, Acer announced a series of Windows 8 notebooks which the company is going to publish in the nearby future. Please find below more details about these products.


Acer Aspire R7

The recent product from Acer is Aspire R7, and this is a 15.6 notebook which is special for many aspects. The company calls it an Ezel Hinge, and they proclaims that this product can be used both as a traditional laptop or a tablet in a table. You can Aspire R7 in four different modes, they are Ezel Mode, Notebook mode, Display Mode and Pad mode. You can use Aspire R7 in any of these modes which will satisfy your tastes and needs. All the four modes will give you comfort of different levels, and you will surely love all these modes for sure. This laptop features an Intel I5 processor, and it has 6GB memory and 500 GB hard disk. There are 3 USB ports and it has Wi Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity. The price for this new generation Laptop is $900, and it will be available in the commercial market from May 17th.


Acer Aspire P3

This ultra book can be transferred into tablet mode very easily. It has a screen of 11.6 inches and have top notch display. This note book is available with both i3 and i6 processors, and SSD is available in 60 GB and 120 GB. The battery life is six hours, and is comparatively more when compared to its counterparts. The price of this laptop starts from $799, and this notebook is absolutely worth the money when the configuration is considered. It features digital home theater technology, and it helps you to view all movies in impeccable sound quality. This notebook is also equipped with a webcam and it can capture pictures with 720p.

Acer V5 series

The V series PCs are renowned for its slim nature. It has a powerful HD display, and it supports all breathtaking graphics. You will get V5 models in both touch and non touch models, and all the basic price of these models starts from $499.  You can find V5 series models with both dual core and quad core processors. Acer V5 series are highly elegant, and it will surely become one of the hottest product from Acer.


Acer is slowly becoming the market leader in the production of laptops and PCs. If they are paying a bit more attention in quality, they will surely emerge as the most trusted company which offer affordable laptops.